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At first glance all sticks may look alike, with the exception regarding designs which identify model types or may are required to add a visual twist according to a player´s taste. But do they all offer the same performance experience?

Sticks are made of two key components: Shaft and Blade.

The combinations of the two will affect style and playing performance. Some combinations are more suitable towards more technical players, others for players who prefer more power, but there are also combinations in order to have an adjustment between balance and precision.

But which Stick will best suit you? Look no further, our experts will explain how to choose the perfect stick from our AZEMAD Stick Guide.

Family definition -The importance of the Blade

Let's start with the blade which determines the Stick's family. The Stick's blade is the single most important element, regarding how the ball contact feels like, the playing reach, as well as both pass and shooting precision. There are 3 different degrees of curvature and 4 blade families:


The AZEMAD family is regarded as the blade's "traditional" family. Featuring an 90º angle curvature blade, brings a more balanced and conventional geometry, but restructed in order adapt to an evolved modern playing style. With its fiber coating, it is a rigid and resistant blade allowing a fast ball control with more energy.

Compact Family
As with the AZEMAD family, the Compact model has a 90º curved blade, but since the blade features an inner reinforcement, leaving the wood exposed, will allow for a greater sensitivity while in contact with the ball. The geometry is thicker thus promoting greater damping. This family of sticks is the ideal solution for players who enjoy a greater feel of touch in ball control.

AZEX Family
The AZEX sticks have a 96º curved wooden laminated blade, coated with composite material. The blade's characteristics, which features an intermediate geometry between the AZEMAD and AZ100 families, represent a balance between the best features of both, benefiting a stable playing style.

AZ100 Family
AZ100 sticks have their singular feature in the blade's curvature - a 100º curved wooden laminated blade, coated with composite material. This curvature allows ball control with greater amplitude and longer contact time with the ball while making a shot.

Model definition - The shaft´s importance

After the family definition, it is necessary to realize the shaft´s importance. The shaft is the main component for the a correct handling and grip of the stick. It is essential to choose a shaft that suits your hand, but also your playing style. With AZEMAD, you will find 5 types of shafts:

Thin and lightweight shaft The low wood density makes this shaft lightweight, but also fragile, so it's not really recommended for a player who looks for a strong drive in the shot, but rather for a more technical athlete who uses ball driving. The handle is flexible, thus favoring the player’s sensitivity and dexterity. The shaft's geometry is ergonomic, a feature that marked this reference as one of AZEMAD's originals.

Thick and lightweight shaft. Like the Super shaft, the wood has a low density, favoring sensitivity, but its thicker geometry allows for an increased sense of balance and a more stable grip. The increased rigidity, can be a good solution for those who require more stability in a shot. The geometry increment makes wrist rotation a little slower, slightly decreasing dexterity, but increasing stability.

The most slender and rigid shaft in our stick range. This extremely thin handle tends to be used by players who like to resort to or require a more closed/smaller grip, or by players who just want to increase the dribbling speed and technical ability, promoting faster stick handling and rotation.

Thin and hard shaft. This shaft features a similar geometry to the Super's, but built with high density wood, making it therefore more rigid. The shaft features allow to be suitable for players looking for a balance between shaft comfort, technical dexterity and overall challenges in the hockey rink. It is one of the most balanced and consensual models refered by athletes, being a player's choice.

Wide and stable shaft. This shaft allows for greater precision and reliability on the stick. Thanks to its wide geometry, you will experience a feeling of firmness with a secure grip. As the name implies, it is recommended to players who require a stronger dominance of the stick in the hockey rink and privilege strength, positioning and stability over technique.

As the leader of the rink hockey stick industry, AZEMAD has an unrivalled level of innovation and a long track record of success. Whether you’re a professional player with titles on under your belt or a beginner learning how to get his/her first shot just right", we make sure you have the right stick!

Follow our guide table and choose the stick that best suits you:

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